The stuff of legends on our tasting table for this Saturday, just landed Syrah ‘15  from Stefano Amerighi. Back in 2002, Stefano finished with political science and embarked on visionary Syrah project in the Cortona countryside. Extensive and minute research brought him to 7ha of hillside, blessed with an aspect and soil profile which seemed to finally answer his calculations. Poggiobella di Farneta was just raw terroir but, no matter, Stefano baptised it a cru  – and went off to the Rhone to personally select the first Syrah cuttings to plant there. Cycle on a decade and a half of maniacal work, and Poggiobella di Farneta is now a biodynamic vineyard and model of thriving polyagriculture. Vines, cereals, vegetables, one of the world’s oldest cattle breeds…our kind of utopia. Stefano’s political science theory seems to have gratifyingly fed into a model for a better way of living which – naturally –  also produces a noble and magisterial wine.  

We’ll be opening the Syrah ‘15, with the ‘14 also available; alongside a stunning oxidative chenin from Pascal and Beatrice Lambert and Mani di Luna’s Sangiovese Rosso.