Zanotto Col Fondo

Zanotto Col Fondo has a near myth-status for Ancestrel. One of our very oldest imports, it’s made in the margins of a job in furniture making by Riccardo Zanotto, to an old Venetian sparkling fermentation method  – ‘col fondo’ is the French ‘sur lies’ – which is now very much a niche art. Col Fondo was how all prosecco was once made before the industrial, charmat method took over – alcoholic fermentation starting off in tank and then – critically –  finishes up in the bottle without disgorging or filtering (there are no added sugars or yeasts.) The resulting wine is cloudy, because the sediment remains in bottle.

Riccardo’s col fondo is lactic, sour-sharp and with dry, pineapple notes and frizzante, rather than spumante (lacy rather than aggressive bubbles.) It’s made from his family’s glera grape vines (the traditional prosecco grape)  in Resera, in the hills nearby Vaddobbiadene and Conegliano.