Agricola del Farneto

In the 1990s, Marco Bernini was an industrialist with a biodynamic dream. That dream became Agricola del Farneto, Mauro’s sustainable agriculture project in the province of Reggio Emilia. Today, Il Farneto compasses 30 hectares of farmland, of which eight are dedicated to vines.

Il Farneto is located in the first hills of the isolated Farneto plain – shielded by forests, gypsum outcrops and massive limestone calanques. It is a strange and otherworldly terroir, presided over by birds of prey as much as humans, and home to an array of unusual fauna. The soil here, paliocene clays rich in fossils, is particularly receptive to grape cultivation and the strong dawn till dusk exposure and good ventilation make for healthy grapes and expressive ripening.

Il Farneto privileges indigenous varietals, which here means Marzemino, Spergola, Berzmein, Gasparossa; plus some internationals, Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon. The biodynamic fruit is vinified with indigenous yeasts, unfiltered and with touch additions of sulphites. Vey unusually, not all grapes are made into wine – their Succo d’uva is a pure unfiltered, syrupy grape juice which we receive in tiny, quickly disappearing quantity and serve with spirits, soda and ice or straight up as breakfast juice.