Christophe Bosque

Christophe Bosque is a rare thing: a vigneron who is also a negociant. As a negociant, he has spent a decade seeking out Europe’s most expressive grapes and terroirs. And thus, when he came to make his own wine – a natural progression – he was able to source his grapes from his own portfolio, from vineyards which he knows intimately.

In both his negociant, and winemaking projects, Christophe is looking for something which he describes as vibration: an energy that he feels through the terroir and the grape and which, with skill, may be preserved in the glass. He finds this only in vineyards which are living terroirs, worked without chemical intervention.

Christophe’s winemaking project might be relatively young, but we were very struck by the finesse and technical clarity of the wine we met first  – Divin Poison, which is new to the UK. There’s a classical education in viticulture and oenology behind this wine that shows through, although otherwise it’s very unbounded by tradition. Christophe is making wine but allowing nature to decide, which means natural winemaking in its purest form, with no inputs whatsoever into the wine.