California harvest and blending of Montebruno Pinot Noir/Gris


Seeing in the California harvest is a yearly ritual, and this year we were there to anticipate a number of important arrivals to the list. Tony Coturri’s hard Gravenstein apple cider, made with orchard fruit from the family estate, is somewhere on the spectrum between a ‘true’ cider and a pet’nat and will be arriving with us in January. We spent a couple days helping with the first stages of Caleb Leisure’s new vintage of Sierra Foothills fruit, going into ferment in qvevri. And then headed up the (very long) road to Oregon to visit Joe Pedicini and the family vineyards he sources his fruit from in Oregon, where we fixed on the final ratio of a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, 85/15, which will be available exclusively in keg next year. And then we came home and slept for three days.

Joe Pedicini with the Pinot Noir/Gris blend we’ll be bottling as an exclusive in keg format. Arriving in 2020.