Speakers Corner @Raw Wine Fair

Date: 03/10/2019

On Sunday 10th March we will be in conversation with Frances Garcia (Mas Zenitude) at Raw Wine Fair London Speakers Corner talking about the gritty reality of natural winemaking. Frances and her husband Eric Gabrielson make biodynamic wine down in Saint Jean de Fos in the Languedoc, working with impeccable farming and cellar practices. Our relationship with them extends way back. The talk will be organised around a vertical tasting of Mas Zenitude’s 100yr old carignan. Details below:

In 2006 Swedish lawyer Erik Gabrielson bought a 13th C Mas and a clutch of conventionally-farmed parcels in the Languedoc’s St-Jean de Fos – with the intention of giving the land back its natural rights. Working from scratch and with a near-barren ecosystem, he embarked on a massive project of biodynamic reinterpretation, working outside of AOCs and with the vertiginous freedom that came with being new to winemaking, a non-local, and a non-native. Today, after a decade of necessarily slow change, Mas Zenitude is a self-sustaining model of biodynamics, managed by Erik and Frances Garcia, his wife and winemaking partner since 2014. Via a vertical tasting of their old-vine (100 year) Carignan, Frances will be speaking about the evolution of ‘natural’ at their domaine, charting the formation of their identity in the glass and talking about where Mas Zenitude – unsulphured and biodynamic but without the funk and trendy signalling of many wines of this type – sits in the natural wine market today.