Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz tasting 29th October

This is Jérome Bourgeois Diaz, who makes biodynamic champagne. When we recently tasted his Rose de Saignée, a cuvée made from 100% old-vine Pinot Meunier, 24 hours skin contact, 30% barrel press and the remainder fermented in stainless steel, we scrambled our ideas about champagne. Garnet-red; both tensity and languor –  it told us we wanted his cuvées in our stable.

On 29th October, Jerome will be in London with a host of fellow organic-certified champagne mavericks – – at London’s first official organic champagne tasting. This is open both trade and public. 

This micro-fair is organised by the vignerons themselves, and their collective the Association des Champagnes biologiques. Come and appreciate just what this iconoclastic, verdant, corner of a largely protectionist, conventionally farmed region is doing, and how it is changing the landscape.

Click for details of both trade and consumer opening hours.