Diables 2017

Grapes: 100% Macabeu

Vineyard: 25 year old vines on calcareous soil

Cellar: an ancient catalan winemaking method. grapes direct pressed and juice is reduced over heat (over 100 degress celsius) for a week until highly concentrated and natural acidity is amplified. Unreduced wine is then added and fermentation begins slowly and continues for around 10 months (fermentation is slow because of the effects of the sugar on the yeast cells.) fermentation in stainless steel then aged in oak for 1-2 months.

Cellar Additions: none

Tasting Profile: dried figs, prunes, raisins; butterscotch, citrus. Syrupy, nectar-like texture. After opening, this wine can be stored in the fridge and drunk over several months.