Half’N 2015

GRAPES: 50% Zinfandel, 50% Syrah

VINEYARD: A wine made in the short window where Sky’s early ripening Zinfandel and longer hanging Syrah overlap: the last Zin, and the first Syrah.

CELLAR: A small amount of Zin and Syrah, co-fermented. One box of Zin is alternated with one box of Syrah as they go into the crusher/destemmer. In total 50-100 boxes. The resulting lot is vinified in one ton, open top fermenters and punched down three times a day by hand during the primary fermentation. Manually pressed in a 100-year-old basket press and aged for a year in neutral French oak barrels. Half’N was first created in 2oo8 from a blend of separately vinified Zinfandel and Syrah. Sky and Lore enjoyed the unusual combination and began to intentionally make and co-ferment the blend in 2013. The wine is always half Zin and half Syrah, which eventually led to the name “Half’n”. The label artwork (by Lore) shows Skyla’s half-sibling’s children. 

CELLAR ADDITIONS: minimal SO2 on bottling.

TASTING PROFILE: less varietal descriptive, more a distillation of Sky terroir. Bright fruit, softened tannins, elegant structure.